Today’s competitive environment demands that companies constantly seek ways to maximize resources, efficiently deploy assets, and capture opportunities in order to enhance shareholder value.

CDG Group provides clients with a comprehensive set of value enhancement services designed to identify opportunities, increase profitability, stimulate growth, and deliver measurable results.

Having worked with hundreds of healthy and distressed companies, CDG Group has an unparalleled understanding of the factors that drive success. In order to unlock a company’s potential, CDG Group draws upon a set of core analytics and proven approaches to deliver measureable results and enhance economic value.

  • CDG Group’s cash and working capital optimization expertise allows companies to increase liquidity, maximize cash resources and reduce borrowing costs. The firm focuses on detailed forecasting of operating and non-operating receipts and disbursements as well as maximizing all the components of the working capital cycle, including payables, receivables, and inventory.

    By working collaboratively with management, CDG Group is able to optimize working capital across functions and release cash tied up in a business. The firm also works with management to develop procedures to maintain those gains by implementing working capital management processes, including key metrics and benchmarking.

    • — Cash forecasting
    • — Cash conversion cycle optimization
    • — Policies, procedures, and controls evaluation
    • — Liquidity evaluation
    • — Flow of funds evaluation
    • — Accrual vs. cash reporting / forecasting reconciliation
    • — Accounts payable management
    • — Accounts receivable management
    • — Inventory optimization
    • — Letters of Credit review
    • — Borrowing base analysis
    • — Comparable company benchmarking
  • CDG Group thoroughly reviews a company’s organizational and overhead cost structures, addressing the interplay between variable and fixed expenses. The firm’s focus is to understand the overhead required to support a business’ core activities in order to recommend steps for improving organizational efficiency, reducing costs, and optimizing the return on capital investment.

    CDG Group understands the balance between controlling costs and improving organizational effectiveness. CDG Group collaborates with management to develop sustainable overhead structures that efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the organization.

    • — SG&A efficiency review
    • — Fixed and variable cost analyses
    • — Breakeven analysis
    • — Overhead allocations and absorption review
    • — Centralization / de-centralization assessment
    • — Organizational design and realignment
    • — Benchmarking to comparable companies
  • CDG Group’s approach to activity-based profitability improvement identifies the unique value-creating initiatives conducted by a company and assesses the respective profitability of each activity.

    By working collaboratively with management and applying a systematic approach, CDG Group delivers thorough and insightful analyses of profitability generated by discrete core activities. CDG Group then develops actionable recommendations that drive incremental improvements and increase profitability with minimal risk and disruption to the business.

    In order to support the future success of the client, CDG Group works side by side with management to establish metrics and reporting tools that can be used to structure incentives, monitor results, and detect problems quickly, thus providing a road map for future strategic decision-making.

    • — “4-Wall Cash Flow” analyses
    • — Customer / channel profitability
    • — Manufacturing plant profitability
    • — Product line / product mix assessments
    • — Marketing expenditure assessments
    • — Return On Investment analyses
    • — Capital expenditure and asset utilization assessments
  • CDG Group works with healthy businesses to improve their profitability and growth and, ultimately, enhance their economic value. The firm’s value enhancement services focus on increasing capital efficiency and operating margins.

    CDG Group provides an in-depth approach to value enhancement by incorporating multiple core analytics into a comprehensive plan designed to enhance the overall economic value of the business.

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